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10-07-2003, 02:47 PM
Son of Steinbrenner
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
So I have no friends now.

What you think because you say something I feel insulted? The only way that would insult me is if it were true and the only way I see you even thinking it would be insulting is if it would insult you. Just because your life isn't what you hoped it would be doesn't mean everyone elses isn't. Hope McDonalds works well for you though.

Btw, are you going to any Ranger games this year? Let me know if you do maybe we can meet up or something. Me and my <i>supposed</i> friends are going opening night and on February 4. Maybe you want to meet them or do you have to be serving fries that day?
meet them as in fight them as in you are threating me. look kid your in high school im 25 years old. i have no time in my life to kick the hell out of high school kids. it wouldnt be fair to you. my friends would laugh if i told them some high school kid wants to fight me i need your help. do you understand what im saying to you. im not going to fight you. you can get every shot in. heck ill fall down. do you know why? because what i can do to you would be uncalled for. "your honor i broke three high school kids noses because i was not getting along with them on a message board." Your an ass and every time you post you look more and more like an ass! And the only person that could be this much of a jerk used to post here all the time. i know who you really are an d all the other names you used to post as. you'll get banned again before to long.

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