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10-07-2003, 02:48 PM
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[QUOTE=Joe Malone]I just finished reading this post on another board. Is there anybody here who has read the same article and can shed a little more light on what was said?

I read the article and I think it's not among Réjean Tremblay's best articles. He presents Brisebois as a martyr, and then says he's the only Habs' player wearing a Stanley Cup ring.

Réjean says the Habs GMs over the years are to be blamed for giving Brisebois too much money.

Brisebois says why me? why me? why this constant harassment? Why did my bosses keep me for 13 years if I'm that bad? Is it because I don't like violence and fighting?

Fans think Brisebois is a coward because he didn't fight with McLaren when he attacked Zednik in 2002, but what about the other players who were on the ice ?

Brisebois then talks about the time last year when a 5'9" 170 lbs player collided with Theo and he did nothing. Brisebois said he was satisfied that player didn't do it on purpose and he didn't want to look yellow in attacking a player much smaller than him.

And the whining goes on and on for 2 full pages of La Presse. Réjean even mentions that Patrice's parents never come to the Bell Center because they just can't stand the booing. He also mentions that Patrice's relations with his father have not always been easy (les rapports du gamin avec son père n'ont pas été faciles).

Personally I think it's a very long and boring article on a player who is making $4 million US per year and has not been fully earning it the past few years. Brisebois should look at the credit balance going up in his bank book and bite the bullet. He should pick himself up by the bootstraps and stop whining. As far as his relations with his father are concerned, I'm told by people in St Donat that Patrice's father is a tough trucker who just doesn't appreciate his son's soft way of playing hockey.

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