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10-07-2003, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Hi-wayman
At centre, we not only have Henrik, Chubarov & Linden who could play the top line if they had to. We also have Reid, Kesler & maybe even Umberger who have shown promise at centre. Auld has indicated he is very capable to handle the pressure of the NHL for a short period.
Don't you think Reid's size is an issue for the long run? I agree Umberger may be the guy in the future - but he's only playing Nintendo hockey right now. I know it is bogus to expect the perfect guy at every slot, but centre worries me if we see injuries.

Mike Recci was the player I prayed Burke might rent at the deadline last year and still think his type of hard-nosed centre is what we need. More good Canadian boys if we can afford them!