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12-08-2010, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by jas View Post
Remember, Felton was a top 5 pick. It appears he's finally playing on the level of his draft contemporaries CP3 and DWill. And, he seems like he's meant to play in NY. He's got a fearlessness about him.

As for TD, he's very good on-the-ball defender, and he can hit from outside. But, he's not a good ball distributor.

As for Melo, getting him would push Gallo to the 4, and either move Chandler to the 2, or the 1st option off the bench.
Felton has certainly earned the praise. In my opinion it's 1. Williams 2. Paul 3. Felton for now. Felton has to play this way for an extended period, but it certainly has been good. He is a NY point guard. Plain and simple.

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