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When teams pick their craziest member to be captain.

In my beginner league, captains are chosen at the very beginning of separating people into teams. This is done mainly so the league has a contact person to pester your team into getting appropriate jerseys, etc.

Half of the players haven't played at all, half since high school. Perhaps two or three out of 40 have played on an adult league team in the past decade. Since no one knows each other, the captaincy goes to the guy with the loudest self endorsement, simply "I've been on a team like this before" works. (sidebar: I got the C because I brought beer to the second practice, before we were divided up. There are worse ways of choosing...)

One of the teams we play often was unlucky enough to have a guy who was rumored to have been kicked off prior league teams. Instead, he just tells everyone "I've been in this league before" and gets the C. Well, he's *that guy* on the ice. Chippy, wordy, progressing to cheap shots and lots of PMs as his disorganized team gets further behind on the scoreboard. This guy landed a legitimate elbow drop on my best player (who weighs all of 150lbs soaking wet) about 15 seconds after a play ended in front of the net, as my guy was getting off the ice.

The worst thing is that all but one other guy on his team would normally qualify as good people, but this class act gets his whole team riled up each game. An excellent example of how one guy can ruin a squad.

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