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Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
I made a similar proposition in the thread on the main board discussing the game. However, I don't think it should be relevant as to whether the puck had passed the goaltender or not. What should matter is when the puck was propelled.

Anyway, I only got two responses before the thread was closed down for the troll-fest it had become.

One was a fellow Flyers fan who simply answered "no.." without reason or expalanation.

The other was a random dude whose logic went along the lines off "no, that's too similar to what the NBA does, and since the NBA sucks, this must suck too". If I'd get a dollar every time I find someone committing a logical fallacy, I'd be a multi-billionaire by now.
Sorry, have to disagree. The puck has to be over the line before the time runs out. It's a good rule. Unlike basketball, where someone usually shoots the ball, in hockey there are a lot of different ways pucks find their way into the net. Pucks bounce in off goalies, off Dmen, off forwards' butts, it's not all clean shots.

Do you really want to see the Penguins get the benefit of a 'continuation' call when Crosby shoots just before the buzzer, the puck rattles off 5 guys and slips over the line 2 seconds after the green light is on?

Didn't think so.

Puck was clearly outside the goal line, clock was 0:00. No goal.

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