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12-09-2010, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Lunatik View Post
that is far from a high price to pay for a rental... look at the deadline every year, the most sought after guys cost an arm and a leg... and in that season it was Stuart... it was believed no one was going to land Stuart without giving up a 1st rounder... and we managed to do it without giving up a single pick... i fail to see how this was a bad trade in any way at all

Primeau & the 3rd for Kobasew was good value...
Stuart for Ference is lopsided in our favor pending UFA or not

and if you are giung to bring up 'flushing' Stralman you need to recogize drafting TJ Brodie with the 3rd in the original deal... and drafting Max Reinhart (who looks very promising at this point in time) in the deal moving Stralman... also you can't ignire the talk that Stralman was going to run to the KHL if he wasn't in the NHL
It was a bad trade no matter which way you shake it. If Stuart would of been under a multi year contract then that would of been a huge difference and then it would of been a good trade and the asking price would of likely been the same.

Stuart > Ference
Kobasew > Primeau

Stuart never really looked that happy to be traded here. Sutter should of realized the likely hood of him resigning here was slim, hell 3/4's of fans in the city knew he was goner after the season, you would think Sutter would of known the same. I will give Stuart credit for going about his business and doing a good job on the ice when he was here. The reason I think it was a bad trade was Ference and Kobasew were 2 of our better younger players on the roster at the time, and we traded them away for a rental and an old 4th line grinder. Another typical Sutter move which hurt the Flames in the long run. If you think the trade was so good, ask yourself do you honestly think Sutter would repeat the trade knowing Stuart would walk away at seasons end? Not a chance he would. And the prospects that we now have that you mentioned could end up being very good, but by the time they are ready to make an impact on the Flames it will be 6-8 years from the time Ference and Kobasew got dealt.

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