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12-09-2010, 12:50 PM
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Ok so I joined a 2nd team, in the bottom division, in my roller hockey league this season because my brother decided to pick up roller again after not playing for ~8 years (he last played at between 12 and 14 yrs old). So I figured I'd help him out and get a chance to play with my bro.

I played D1 club roller hockey in college before blowing my knee out, and when I started up again 2 years later I joined a division I knew I could ease my way into, because it was below the level I had played at. So now I'm still with my D7 team (where I averaged over 3 goals a game last season) because I became friends with the guys and have a good time playing with them. I'm probably a D5 player (D3 and up in my league is generally all current/former pro/semi-pro players) who's playing on a D9 team now with my brother, they've got me playing defense. Excluding me and my bro, maybe 2 out of the 7 other guys didn't look like they just picked up hockey within the last year.

I was told (by the captain) to rush the puck and score us some goals until we got a lead. So I rushed the puck pretty frequently, but still made passes trying to set up people standing at the net for tip ins. Then I found out from my brother, that when I left the locker room after our first game one other guy (who was previously the best player on the team) complained about me rushing the puck to the captain, and a couple other people chimed in about it.

So...what to do? I had planned on staying back and playing a solid game, because I don't want to seem like the guy that joins lower leagues just to beat up on them and seem great. But then it turns out I might be on the worst team in the division...and nobody likes to lose. So I tried to rush the puck, but still changed it up between passing and shooting, and then find out people don't like it. And I even kept it pretty conservative until we fell behind by 3 goals.

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