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12-09-2010, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by -DeMo- View Post
I realize that the expectations of this team are way to high personally I predicted a 11th-12th place finish prior to the season so the leafs are right where I believed they would be however about your point about Edmonton and Toronto the clear difference is if Edmonton plays bad and loses they get rewarded with another top young player, Toronto doesn't have this luxury since that top young player will be given to a team in there division, also it has been stated in the media by both teams the direction there teams should be headed, Edmonton is rebuilding and Toronto is pushing to make the playoffs and thats why the expectations are different on the 2 teams even tho were the younger of the 2
I completely agree, it is the fact of not having a 1st rounder which creates this pressure.

But at the surface, the reality is that we are in the same place as them and unfortunately we take much more ridicule because of the lack of a pick........

It sucks, but it is what it is I guess?

I think we need to look at it as "re-tooling" and if we aren't where we need to be for the playoff race by the deadline, continue trying to make deals for other "youngish" players with upside who might be struggling.

Changes of scenary with these types of players can make a world of difference especially when they are the age where they can break out. (21-25).

Then, if free agency is not a success, we will have a core group of promising players and worst case scenario we get a high 2012 pick.

Best case scenario our group of 21-25 years olds mature together and step up as effective and consistent NHLers, which would lead us to the playoffs.

Despite the non first rounders, we do have some quality prospects in the system still. Most are likely 2-3 years away, but I like the looks of :

Mckegg, Ross, Blacker, Frattin, Aulie, Olden, Caputi, Rynnas, Reimer, (even Kadri still is a prospect).

I know it's tough living in the current emotions, but combine these guys with a core of current NHlers younger than 25 and often less than 4 years NHL experience it's just not as bad as it is often made out to be.

Chins up folks, I can't remember a time where we had such promise moving forward in 2-3 years.
IN the past we were losing and not making the playoffs, but had nothing to look forward to at all!

Burke really hasn't done that bad. I think he will look like a hero in years 4-5 of his contract, which GMs often need to REALLY show their value in building a consistent and stable franchise

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