Thread: Berger: Kessel Should Be Ashamed
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12-09-2010, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyFischer View Post
B.S! 23 is plenty old enough to be "MATURE", he is not 18!
How old are you? Have you ever played hockey?

I think anyone who can say they are 25-30 at least and who have played quality and competitive hockey can agree that there is a difference.....

I know when I was a 20 year old, I thought I was as good as I could be and saw the game as well as I could.

Lone behold, by 25 I was more physically mature, I thought the game differently, and had the mental maturity to withstand some hurdles I may have not overcome as well as a 20 year old.

Age and maturation is a reality in the game of hockey.

Let's just keep living in the now though, that's easiest.......

If not, we would have nothing to do.

(All in all, he isn't giving the effort he needs to be and definitely can pick up his game..... Just give some slack for the age as well as adapting to a brand new NHL position. The hardest one to play by the way....

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