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12-09-2010, 01:54 PM
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I've always thought this was a very interesting topic, and that there is no "Right or Wrong (or left)" answer.

I'm right handed for most everything, writing, golf, baseball, archery, etc, but when it comes to hockey, I picked up a left stick without even thinking about it. It just felt correct right of the bat to have my dominant hand on the top of my stick.

Partly it is because I predominantly play defense, and have a lot more control over the stick in my dominant hand when I'm trying to disrupt passes.

But secondly I get a lot more power on my shots, both wisters and slapshots, by PULLING my top hand back, as opposed to pushing my lower hand. Don't get me wrong, both hands move, It just feels like I'm generating the power with the pulling motion instead of the pushing motion.

I actually work with a teammate, who's right handed, and shoots right, and we've occasionally spotted for each other in the company gym. The interesting thing is he can bench press, a lot more than he can pull, while I'm the other way around. I pull nearly twice what I can bench. Likewise he can do more pushups, and I can do more pull-ups.

He gets his shot power from using his dominant hand lower on the stick to push because that is where he is stronger. I get my shot power by using my dominant hand on the top of the stick to pull, because that is where I am stronger.

Not sure if it's scientific, or even correct, just interesting observations.

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