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12-09-2010, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
I disagree on the pipeline. For defensive dmen, they have Petrecki, Joslin, Moore and Doherty. Joslin should have been a two-way but they are playing him as a defensive dman. On the PMD side, Demers, Braun and Schaus. The problem is that they started the year with only 2 PMDs, Demers and Boyle. Vlasic should not be considered a PMD for the last 2-1/2 years or so, and it has been getting worse, not better.

As stated before, it is OK if all of the top 4 are PMDs. It is not OK to pair defensive dmen. It is OK to pair PMDs. Top teams want all of the top 4 as PMDs.

For others:
For definitions sake:

PMD - puck moving dman - should get a minimum of 25 points over 80 games

Two-way dman - combines the 25/80 with the ability to be top 4 in qualcomp on the team over 80 games, top 4 TOI

Defensive dman - should be top 4 in qualcomp over 80 games, scores less than 20 points, probably 15 or less.

Top 4 - 20min/game TOI

Defensive stopper - top 2 in qualcomp on the team

On PP dmen, first unit should be well over 30 pts/year each with the #1 guy getting north of 40. Second unit should be close to 30 pts/year.

BTW, on Vlasic, he has been getting enough PP time that he should have points by that issue alone. The 0 points is really glaring. This was an issue last year as well. The PP efficiency dropped dramatically with Vlasic on the ice.
I guess I just figured giving the makeup of the team right now going into the season with only 2 PMD, one being Demers 2nd year, that we'd probably see Schaus, Braun and Demers making minutes sooner at the NHL level than Petrecki, Doherty, Joslin & Moore with all corps considered in health.

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