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12-09-2010, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Flyers win series 4-2 in 2000
Penguins win conference finals 4-1 in 2008
Penguins win first round 4-2 in 2009

That is three meetings in 10 years. They won 2 we won 1. We haven't beat Sid, but as with all years, we have a new team and they have a new team. I personally believe we would have beat them last year. They didn't play well against Ottawa or Montreal.

If we play them this year. I believe we win. ******* Sid. Bring it, hell if we win it all without going through Pittsburgh, it won't be the same.

Washington hasn't beat us in the playoffs since 1987-88. Back when Chris Pronger was playing bantom. So not sure why you fear them. Perhaps it is their great playoff record these last few years?
Since Crosby has come to Pittsburgh (and Malkin and the rest of the gang) we've had an atrocious record against them in the regular season where we only win like one out of every five against them or something similarly pitiful. In the playoffs, we're 0-2 against this particular Pens team. Crosby and Malkin both have absurd PPG averages against us and Fleury rarely seem to have a bad game against us.

It should be obvious why I don't want to face them.

I don't want to face the Caps because I don't like watching team I hate play and because they're an elite team that has the ability to expose our bad goaltending.
Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
I love the success we've had and for now I appreciated but 5 years from now if we dont have a cup, no one will remember going to the finals in 09-10.

I barely remember going the ECF in 07-08 right now as it is
You're right, but a lot of people might remember last year's because of that 0-3 comeback victory.

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