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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Most people don't see Fowler anywhere close to a superstar d-man. His offensive skill in undenyable, but defensively he'll be average maybe slightly better. With Subban already here plus Weber looking close, why trade 2 1sts(maybe more?) for a young offensive d-man. Fowler was definitely a top 5-6 talent but very few teams had him top 3. NYR definitely missed the boat on him, maybe TB also.

For what they were projected, Fowler projects as a Pitkanen and Tinordi as a poor man's Charra.
Yah but no player is offensive+defensive stud unless you're a hall of famer. Guys like green are around average defensively and are still stud d-men. Fowler is on pace to make 40 pts in his rookie year, and he'll improve defensively to above average skills in that category. That combination is far greater than pitkanen. Tinordi won't be a poor man's Chara. I have a hard time believing that Tinordi can match up with chara in ANY category. The only thing similar is that they are physical tall d-men. The similiarities end there. Chara is good offensively, is better defensively, can pass, can shoot, has decent puck control. It's really unfair to Chara to say they even resemble at all. Of course, there are few players in the league who have Chara's skillset, so it's hard for anyone to match up with him. I'd say Fowler is more likely to be a Scott Niedermeyer, but obviously a grade or 2 lower. he won't be some superstar elite and won't be a hall of famer, he'll likely be a top 2 d-man or #1 puck moving d-man.

Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
The only difference is that Fowler, if he continues this way, might end up there while the same cannot be said of Tinordi.
It will be interesting to see how Fowler turns out. It was interesting the see him drop at the draft. A guy like Tinordi doesn't have his upside but can surely shape himself into a serviceable d-man for us.

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