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06-10-2005, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by jb
If they don't include buyouts against the cap in some way I would be shocked.
OK for the sake of argument, the total salaries for the three listed players - $17.08 mil. After the 24% roll back - $12.98 Mil. 2/3rds buyout of the remaining year on their contracts - $8.65 mil. So even if the buyout counts 100% to the cap we are still under (though just barely now). And of course, we could always trade one of them with a chunk of their salary paid to save a bit more.

I would be surprised if it counted however, since the point of a cap is to limit what players can make as free agents. With so many teams needing to squeeze under the cap, I have to think they will let this go in transition to a cap system. I cant really see who it would be important to the get buyouts included in the cap. Certainly not the players or big market clubs. Maybe small market clubs who just want to stick it to the big kids, but I dont see them going to war for it.

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