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12-09-2010, 10:34 PM
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OT: Travelling to Phoenix

Hey guys, im sure this topic has come up a few times from other posters travelling to Phoenix but figured I'd get a better update based on my situation. I'll be coming down on Jan 13-17th and staying at my grandpas place in Suprise.

Im a diehard Oilers and Cardinals fan but unfortionately due to timing won't be able to catch my first live NFL game being a week too late, but my buddy and I are definitely interested in seeing you guys kick the leafs ass on thursday night. Is our best idea too go through a scalper for cheap seats or just buy them at the ticket office?

This will be probably my 20th trip to Phoenix (grandparents live there and parents always had a vacation condo growing up) but this will be my first time of legal age. What are some good places to check out for decent lounges/restaraunts/night clubs etc.?

We'll be golfing everyday as well but im sure my grandpa will handle most of the tee times in that regard. Any other ideas or places to check out would be awesome, thanks!

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