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06-10-2005, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by serum114
I can't believe this hasn't come up yet, but the most memorable fake injury (and most effective I might add) was by Mike Bullard of the Flames in one of the mid-80s Flames-Oilers playoff battles (I'm tempted to say '87, but I'm not sure).

Anyway, the scene was set when an Oiler player (Messier or Anderson, someone of significant value), gave Bullard a little jab to the stomach with their stick in a scuffle after the whistle. Bullard drop liked a stone, writhing in pain, clutching his stomach and the Saddledome fell sickly silent as Bearcat Murray scampered to his side.

There was a couple minutes of consultation, before the stretcher came out and Bullard was gingerly hoisted aboard, receiving a standing ovation from the Flames faithful as he was wheeled off.

The Oiler player, I'm pretty sure it was Anderson, received five and a game for spearing, a call no one would have disputed were it not for the CBC.

The CBCs cameras followed the stretcher down the hallway and, once he was far enough into the tunnel, Bullard jumped off the stretcher laughing, high fived an equipment guy and went into the dressing room to watch the rest of the game.

At the time, I was a young and incredibly angry Oilers fan. Now I see the humour in it, and hell, I like soccer so who am I to bemoan a little diving...

Either way, a classic moment.

My 2 cents...

PS - Theo's triple axel off the Linden "hook" is by far the funniest flop I have ever seen.
it was Marty McSorley, not Anderson or Messier

and it did look bad when it happened

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