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12-10-2010, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Hollywood Cannon View Post
Guys, please debate the topic not the posters. Thanks.
Thanks for deleting both posts rather then just one (well, technically it was three posts).

Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
And you can look up every game in Flyers' history at the, wait for it, Flyers' History website:

Under the All Time Lists tab there is everything you'd ever want to know. Rosters, trades, draft picks...

Re, head to head games, go here:

Pick the year and the opponent and you get all the games, with boxscores/rosters too, with +/- and shots.
Thanks for the link. I'll probably bookmark that.

Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Why not just look it up - it takes like 3 minutes (at least it took me that long):

2005-2006: Flyers win regular season series 6-1-1
2006-2007: Penguins win regular season series 6-0-2 (member that year)

Homer years:
2007-2008: Flyers win series 5-3
2008-2009: Series tied 2-2-2
2009-2010: Flyers lose series 1-4-1
2010-2011: Flyers leading series 2-1

Hardly dominating. Since he was drafted we have 17 wins to 17 loses in regulation.
Including playoffs and disregarding this year because this season isn't anywhere near done yet, we have 11 wins to 20 losses since 07-08. That is horrible. It's not as bad as I originally suggested, but it's still really, really bad. If you take out that 07-08 season, which is our only winning record against the Pens since then, then the numbers are even worse at 6 wins to 18 losses. That's atrocious.

On top of all of that, both Crosby and Malkin have absurd PPG averages against us with Malkin averaging above 1.5 PPG against us and with Crosby averaging above 1.7 PPG against us.

So, yeah, they've dominated us.

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