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12-10-2010, 10:18 AM
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Probably the biggest factor in whether or not a defenseman should pinch is PUCK SUPPORT. Puck support in this context refers to the location of the potential pincher's teammates. There are two times when this decision must be made, 1) he's leading the rush or 2) his team is already in the zone and he's looking to sneak up. Situation 1 is about how good your teammates are defensively and what you're allowed to do, it's fairly clear cut. Situation 2 is based almost entirely on where your teammates, and the enemy skaters, are. The score also plays a pretty big role.

You can't pinch when there are cherry pickers, obviously, but beside that, it's a judgment call. If two of your teammates are below the goal line, pinching could be fatal or it could result in a goal, it takes team chemistry, experience and judgment to know.

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