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12-10-2010, 01:18 PM
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I may get flamed for this but I really don't like him very much. I've never been a fan of floaters or streaky players and he seems to have some of both. I think he is the kind of guy that if we had a few key injuries and he had quite a bit more playing time I might come around to liking him, but on this team as it stands right now I just can't seem to excited about him. He does 6 or 7 amazing moves in pretty much any 3 game stretch but for the most part seems irrelevant.
He is the kind of guy that strikes me as a liability in the playoffs if he isn't on huge hotstreak at the time. I guess thats not a fair assessment yet but thats how I feel.

I'm not saying he is Pavel Brendl, but there are 10 forwards on this team I like better than him.

What I like:
he can finish
he can dangle

What I don't like:
effort, especially on the backcheck
defensive anything
seems whiny (at least the media makes him out to be but Timmy P seems to hate him so I take it with a grain of salt.)
selfish play

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