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12-10-2010, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kritter471 View Post
Either or? He really didn't play much at ES in either of the past two games.The rationale for that is known only by the coaching staff. It might be they didn't want to put him in positions where he'd likely fail at this point in his development. They've seen how bad the effects of that can be with Niskanen. But perhaps he also showed tendencies in practice that make them think he'd be an ES liability in a game. *shrugs*

I can't say I've watched him enough to develop a particular opinion, but his ice-time distribution in Dallas was heavily tilted to the power play, and there's usually a reason for that.
I have a hard time getting a read on what Crawford and his staff are thinking sometimes. There's the possibility that they're worried about rushing him, seeing him make costly mistakes only to lose confidence and never recover from that. Sometimes I really just have a hard time understanding someo of the moves they make in terms of recalls that never play or recalled players who play in a niche role. I'm not going to read too much into it. The bottom line to me is that Larsen is obviously the second best player in the organization suited to playing the point on the PP, a woeful road PP at that.

I don't have a big problem with them getting him time almost exclusively on the man advantage, I just don't know how much it benefits either the Dallas Stars, the Texas Stars, or Larsen's development in general. My opinion from training camp is that Larsen shouldn't be jostled back and forth. I understand getting him a cup of coffee, but he's had that now. It's time to let him settle into an alpha role on the baby club or not baby him when he gets up here. And on the topic of his playing the PP, which that aspect of his game is NHL ready right now...what benefit does it do the Dallas Stars to play the kid there every once in a while? To show them what they're missing out on the rest of the time? There just seem to be a lot of dots that aren't connecting properly.

Edit: Back to my original question to you regarding the club's inability to live with his mistakes; I vehemently disagree with that. He is at least as good as Niskanen defensively and they're more than happy to live with his AHL level of defense on a nightly basis.

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