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12-10-2010, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Bring_Bak_Damphousse View Post
Obviously not, but why add insult to injury? I've been on the opposite end of the spectrum, when were down by 5 goals and the other team is still crashing the net like they need to tie it up. I was trying to show some sportsmanship, but I think I'm just going to go ahead and keep playing next time, like someone else said you pay to play, there's 10 people on the floor watching me stickhandle behind the net, knowbody wants that.
Yeah, I get what you mean. At that point maybe think about giving the other team the puck to do whatever they can in the end? Not obviously give it away so it's insulting but a dump or a 'missed' pass that goes down to them. Better to give everyone some more work playing (them with the puck, you guys on defense), instead of killing the clock with nobody doing anything.

You could keep playing score some more, or you could let up but that's slightly disheartening when the other team gets to that point. Neither of those are great in my eyes. I guess it depends on the team you're playing too. Some people would like you to play hard to the end, even if they get demolished, others would appreciate some help from you, haha.

Just my opinion, I haven't been in this situation yet, haha. We're just on the losing end of these games so far.

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