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06-10-2005, 10:46 PM
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I said I was going to do a write-up of every team, didn't I? School's over, here we go, I'll start with the Victoria Aristocrats. Note, I'm going on the roster thread, if thats not the latest lines for you, then it'll have to be revised. I'll start with...

The Victoria Aristocrats:

Forwards: In my opinion, the centers are the class of the draft, which it better be considering Van_Islander spent his first 3 picks on them. Probably overkill, in retrospect. Wings are very long on grit and determination, and short on primo goal scoring ability and especially playmaking skills, excluding Propp. Dino got a ton of goals, but most were of the crease camping variety. Tikkanen and Lemieux, while they would be superlative 3rd and 4th liners, are very weak 2nd liners in context of an all time draft, not nearly enough natural goal scoring ability, or playmaking, though Lemieux was certainly far better for longer than the very inconsistant Tikkanen career-wise (as celebrated as he is for certain things, a great career he did not have). Maybe the most ideal shut-down line in the draft in Gainey-Clarke-Lehtinen, though Clarke was always a bit slow -- I might have gone for someone like a Borje Salming or Slava Fetisov to anchor the defense in Clarke's place and worried about 3rd line C later. Overall there are excellent defensive and shorthanded forwards, which is good, because with Dino, Messier, Lemieux, Tikkanen, Clarke, Terry O'Reilly, and Tiger Williams you're going to have a ridiculous amount of penalties. Keep in mind this isn't the Stanley Cup playoffs where muggings will go unpunished. Overall very strong centers and lots of defense and grit, though comparitively little in the goal scoring department, and a ton of slashing minors. Still, you could likely grind out wins on guts alone. Grade: B+

Defense: Bloody hell. This is what happens when you don't take a defenseman until the 10th round, and then not another till the 16th (though you did trade for Carlyle in the 13th.) Easily the weakest in the draft. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want all 5'9 168 lbs. of Jan Suchy on my top pairing absorbing punishment. Mike Ramsey, while a very good defensive defenseman, would be a better suited for a bottom pairing than the top in context of this draft. Carlyle-Foote is a better pairing for the top IMO, and even they are a 3rd pairing for this draft, though even Carlyle's Norris season he more or less won by default, despite trying to lead a bad Penguins team. Tikal seems like a random Euro HoF'er, I couldn't find much on him other than him playing in the 60s primarily, called "one of the best defensemen of his era" but that's not exactly informative. Malacek was a God against likely ridiculously inferior Czech competition in the 20s and 30s, but how good to say he was is impossible. Ludwig was a ******* and a great shotblocker, and is a fine 6th/7th d-man for the draft. However overall, while there are decent defensive defensemen, no one is a stand-out shut down guy, and the offensive and two way guys either leave a lot to be desired or have too many question marks to definitely make comments about one way or another. Grade: D

Goal: Parent was a stellar goalie and absolutely a #1 in this draft, has the cups, has the ability, and was cited by his Flyer teamates as the reason they won. Dzuzilla there has been much contention about, some say he was brilliant, others argue he happened to be fat enough to have pucks hit him behind a stellar Soviet D. Vachon played behind some excellent Hab teams, then hit his stride with some medicore Kings teams. The best 3rd goalie in the draft, for what thats worth. Stayed around a bit too long, which hurt his career numbers. Grade: A-

Coach: Pat Quinn would take one look at his forwards and spooge himself. He has a very good record and isn't afraid to take chances, though I would have taken a Lemaire type for this team, because with that defense they're going to need all the help they can get, and a defensive genius Pat Quinn is NOT. Fred Shero would have been perfect, actually. Grade: B-

Overall: The opposite of my team in X2, you focused completely on forwards. While I believe you have a team that would win a Stanley Cup tournament every year since its inception, you simply have too many guys who take too many penalties, and way too weak of a defense to be the "best team" in this draft, playoff heroics aside from their numerous contributors. If you win, you'll win 1-0 or 2-1, but if you give up 3 goals I question your teams ability to play a run&gun game. Grade: B-

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