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12-10-2010, 09:01 PM
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**** I'm so sick of this "to be honest, we weren't the better team for the majority of the night" mentality.

Do some of you just not understand how momentum goes? These people are HUMAN. Tides of momentum affect them.

The refs SINGLE-HANDEDLY decided the outcome of this game. We were playing pretty ****ing well for the majority of the first until the penalties started.

And don't get me wrong, all of them were penalties (with the exception of Gionta's which has still yet to be proven to me, I still haven't seen a replay showing that we had 6 men on the ice and I find it extremely hard to believe that a guy with Gionta's smarts who was CLEARLY watching the play behind him to make sure that it wouldn't be a too-many-men call would still take a penalty). The problem comes when you miss a blatant penalty on Rafalski and then put the whistle away in the 3rd when we're actually dominating. There should've been AT LEAST 5 PPs for the Habs in the 3rd with the way the refs were calling this one.

My point is, we easily could've been the better team in this one as shown by the first 10 or so minutes and by the 3rd. When you get 5 penalties in a row, it changes the way you play.

1) Your best players are tired from the PKing.
2) Your scorers aren't "in it" because they haven't played in 40 or so minutes (stoppages, intermission...). This was proven on the 2nd goal when Eller's line was on for a GA. They were flat out there.
3) You have no cohesion because everyone's level of focus is off because of the score.

Put it this way: we DOMINATED the Devils 5-1 in NJ. Do you HONESTLY not think that the first 2 minutes of that game didn't dictate the score and the level of domination? Don't you think that it would've been a MUCH closer game if we hadn't scored those 2 goals right away?

**** you, refs.


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