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12-10-2010, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Bring_Bak_Damphousse View Post
I've got a quick question here, I'm in a low level coed league, were one of the better teams in our division. Anyway the last couple of games we've been blowing the other teams out 7-0, 10-2 that kinda thing. I play defense and have gotten into the habit of just retreating behind our net to kill the clock for the remaining 1:30 or what have you. But I've been hearing it from the opposing team, they can ***** all they want, but is there something wrong with this? I guess the other alternative is to continue running up the score. Or dump the puck everytime I step over the redline. By why give up the puck and risk them scoring?
Out of curiosity, why doesn't your team move up? If you guys are consistently stomping other teams, then give your entire team a challenge (and allowing the other teams to have more even match ups) by moving up in division.

If your team doesn't want to move up, then I would just play the puck and not retreat behind the net.

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