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12-10-2010, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Johannes Climacus View Post
If the hotel is near Chatham University, you should be in good shape. Squirrel Hill is very close by and has good pizza shops, coffee shops, and relaxed bars. I don't know much about New Year's Eve and where to go/what's open, though.
Indeed. Squirrel Hill is a pretty nice place for such an occasion and Chatham is right there. If you're looking for family friendly avoid the South Side at all costs.

Things have changed too much since I've been there to suggest individual places though.

Also I could use some hints. Whilst I was in Denmark my dad moved. I was only in town for a week or so after, and I spent most of that time at my sister's place in Robinson. I literally have no idea what's around where I'll be spending a month coming up, spending most of it in Greentree where my dad now lives. Most of the nights I go out will still be in the South Side, but is there anything near Greentree Rd I should be aware of? Also, most importantly, beer distributors...a concept I still haven't fully grasped.

I still have only been to one beer distributor in my life...and that was in Bethel Park...where the darkest beer they had available was Yuengling. I hate the entire concept of having to buy beer in cases instead of six packs...but I'd like to get some Troegs if possible to do so without bleeding my budget too much.

I'll be missing being able to pick up Deschutes and Bayern six packs at the gas station for $6 pretty soon

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