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10-07-2003, 04:53 PM
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Comrie Rumor

I got this from edmonton oilers message board so take it for what it's worth but you never know sorry i put a other Comrie deal on the boards but i'd kill to have Richards.

I heard Lowe will be making an anouncment this Fri. My source is a chronic lier, but his uncle is someone who is conected.

This board is so boring lately I thought I might as well repeat what I heard, even if it probably is just another Story.

This is what he says his uncle told his dad.

There are 5 teams interested in Comrie. T.B. is the closest right now to getting him, and a decision will be made by the end of this week with the expectations that a press conference will be anounced for this Fri. with the decision.

A deal will most likely include Richards from T.B., not a florida deal and
the problem there is T.B. does not want to swap Richards straight up for Comrie. They want Smyth and Salo also. I guess they are offering Khavabulin and Richards, and are willing to eat part of Khavabulins salary.

The biggest sticking point is smyth. Lowe won't trade him. Smyth is the closest thing to an untuchable on the roster. Its no deal as long as Smyths name is brought up.

T.B wants the blockbuster and Edmonton doesn't want to gut the team like that.Especially if the deal included Smyth.

Also from what I am told the biggest problem with Comrie signing is the length of a contract. Comrie wants a deal similar to richards while the Oilers are wanting a 1 yr deal, with a club option.

Anyways, expect a decision made on fri

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