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Originally Posted by PepNCheese
Well, he's probably exaggerating slightly there. Probably 4 million is more realistic.

Also, they would not buy him out unless they knew he was going to sign another deal, obviously. .
Nope I wasn't exagerating actually Pep .. If you are going to do your option then that is better served as a renegotiated contract lowering his $6.8 (inc. 24%) to $4 mil to save $2.8 Cap room and extending it over extra years.

This is a special rule they are talking about as buyouts in transition Cap rules.. This is not intended to set Sundin at fair wage moving forward its a Hard Cap adjustment tool moving into a new CBA ..

The Old CBA rate was at 2/3 for buyouts .. So then what this would allow is a team like Toronto to keep Sundin .. pay him his 2/3 up front (consider it an advance, bonus, front loaded whatever you like ) and then set his contract in the new NHL to 1/3 his old rate for the length he had remaining.

So using rough math then make Sundin's contract $6.6 mil .... Then pay him 2/3 ($4.4 mil up front/per ever year remaining) and make his new contract $2.2 mil /year for Cap reasons .. Sundin gets the same amount as before.. No change, and call it a paper transaction with a bonus cheque to Mats up front.

Your suggestion gives Mats a big $2 mil per year raise and only effects the cap a small amount ..

You are right on its all based on a pre-signed new deal in advance negotiated..

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