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12-11-2010, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
And iike i said i don't know how many times and i hope you Mother****ing get it this time. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the one who won't accept that people talk about toughness because you feel that we need scoring 1st, as if we're aloud to talk about 1 problem at a time on HF.

Let's say you're right and we need a scoring forward 1st and foremost, it doesn't change that i HATE having a soft team because I, Jaybee, Asterix and a lot more like having a team that hits HARD, that feels fighting is 1.great for the game, 2. that it helps in the team's confidence and that 3. it's good entertainment when it happens. We want our skilled players that we do have protected, that's it.

Can you PLEASE just accept that last part once and for all and be done with it. Again, just to be sure you understand. We know that if toughness isn't worth crap against teams like Detroit and we know that we also have other needs, mainly top 6 firepower.
My argument is those who over exaggerate the situation ala JayBee, then you sweep in and defend (not because you necessarily agree, but for wtv reason), when a thread about toughness is constantly bump after a loss, then I have a right to go in and check the views and discuss which ones I disagree with.

There is a clear distinction about having a thread which discusses how to address the hole where we lack toughness. This is completely different from having a thread about toughness where posters who exaggerate use to complain about losses which have nothing to do with toughness. Also, when the argument in favor of toughness is a highly exaggerated like we'll have trouble facing tougher teams which has never ever been the case this season. That's who I am addressing my concerns to. If you can't distinguish that, then don't get involved. You jumped into my debate and not the other way around because you did so, its up to you to understand what the debate is about and not for me to accomodate you.

I'm all for having a discussion about how we can address toughnes, I am not in favor of having a discussion which attributes losses to toughness because that is false.

Lastly, no one in habs management gives a rats ass if you like toughness or if its the style you prefer. Jacques Martin has a well excuted system that required certain types of players. The priority is to win and Martin system with the right personnel allows for the team to win. That is why they get the players they do. They care about winning first, not fans preferences. Martin prefers a team built on speed and quick counter attack and they pursue those types of players which compliment the system. That is the difference between posters like me and you. There are a lot of things I prefer, but I am a realist, I understand that our team in one among 30 and that **** is limited, you obviously don't.

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