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12-11-2010, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by GoFlames View Post
I would say take out Reggie OR Iginla. Reason is I think the Flames can get more return by trading individually to two teams and throw in some muckers as well.

For example, that Iginla to Boston idea for Toronto's 1st, Colborne plus is solid. Then if Reggie is moved, ideally to a non elite team who desperately needs to bolster their D. I say non elite as I would want a first (high) as well as a prospect etc. If the Flames they can get lucky and throw in Olli and also get a third rounder as well Regehr would doubtfully waive the NMC to go to a bototm feeder... but the ideal would be a playoff bubble team (7-10th in their conference). FOr the Flames the ideal would be for that team to tank down teh stretch leading to another high first rounder. The Flames could have 3 high firsts (Toronto) (bubble team if lucky) and their own should the trends continue.
What do you think about the three way deal I proposed in the sellers thread? It's based on that Colborne + Torontos' first proposal from Coach Parker.

To Boston:

Jarome Iginla (7,000,000)

To LA:

Michael Ryder (4,000,000)
Alex Tanguay (1,700,000)

To Calgary:

Andrew Ference (2,250,000)
Joe Colborne (1,100,000)
2011 1st (Toronto)
2011 1st (Kings)

Basically we take that package from Boston for Iggy and flip Ryder with Tanguay for LA's 1st.

The Kings get a sniping winger and a playmaking winger, both who are UFA's at the end of the year so they aren't tied down, but still have the option of trying to extend either one of them (or both). They don't lose anything from their current roster, and strengthen their forward group. They have the cap space to add $5.7 million as well.

The Bruins get one of the best RWers in the game to potentially put them over the top, and clear out the salary needed to fit him in.

The Flames have to eat Ference for two more years, but he can fill in on our top 4 which would help fill the hole left by Regehr (as we would probably have to move him in the off-season - doubt he wants to remain with a rebuilding team). Ference could help eat up minutes while our young defenseman try to find their game at the NHL level.

We also get Colborne, and a potential lotto pick in the upcoming draft. Plus having LA's pick might give us some leverage if we want to try and move up and draft in the top 5 twice next spring. (EG - Say TO's pick is 2nd, the Flames pick is 6th and LA's is 23rd. Maybe trade the 6th & 23rd overall for the 3rd or 4th overall). Would give us more options.

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