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12-11-2010, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by berzark View Post
So what do you guys recommend for us wingers?

1.Should I actually break and wait for the pass at the hash marks\along the boards, facing my d-man and turn around after I receive it to look for an option

2.Skate towards my d man when he makes the pass and turn around or go around my net

3. Break at the hash marks\along the boards and start skating towards offensive zone slowly, waiting for the pass?

Because doing the #1 never works for me because Dman pinches and pokes the puck away before I turn around. Need to know my best option.
Breakouts are one of the hardest things to teach IMO. There are so many variables that it's hard to give an answer for any particular situation.

The main key in any breakout is puck support, especially from the center, and in some cases your own defenseman. If your along the halfboards and get a pass from d-man with pressure from the opposing d-man/winger, your going to want your center starting the breakout low so that he can be breaking out with speed. That's true for the center in most cases anyways. You can hit him with a quick pass or chip it around the pressuring player so he can pick it up. Also, it's nice if you have a good skating d-man on your team to give you another outlet. Another option is to have your center loop to the wall while you loop inside, which will also help start the breakout with speed.

But if you get the puck along the halfboards and have some time, turn up ice and LOOK UP. Even before you get the puck, you should be anticipating getting it and taking a quick look to see how much time you have/what options you have. Awareness is key in breakouts.

1. If you have time, yes.
2. If there's a pressuring player, you may have to come down lower along the boards to support your d-man to give him an outlet.
3. If the other team is giving you a lot of room, then you can start breaking early.

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