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12-11-2010, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
I do not PM is the right choice for GM. He was being considered for the Wild job when it was vacant and they passed. I think Maguire is a knowledgable guy about hockey, but he has no experience whatsoever with being a GM. He has never dealt with contract negotiations, probably does not know all the ins and outs of the CBA (Lunatik probably knows more), and I think he has too big of man crushes on players and that may impair his judgement into over paying for players in FA. He is an analyst, that does not necessarly qualify him to run the operations of an NHL team. Dunnigan did not exactly do the best job when in charge of the Stamps. I do think there are not alot of guys that know prospects better than him, I think he would make an excellent assistant or head of the scouting.

I think the Flames need a guy with experience at building a winner from the ground up starting from drafting. Nill has learned from the best and has been key cog in what Detroit has done. Thats unfortunate to hear he signed an extension, he may not leave Detroit now because he is a very loyal guy. Although, I don't think Holland would handcuff him if he wanted to leave. If it would possible to get Nill, he would be my first choice. Kisio would also be on my radar, although I think it would be not to good get a guy not from the Alberta area.
you do know that Pierre Maguire has been an Asst Coach, Head Coach and Asst GM at the NHL level right?... that makes him more qualified than more than a few of the current GMs in the league (off the top of my head Sutter, Nieuwendyk and Snow had no experience as even Asst GMs)

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