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10-07-2003, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by lafite
I guess he will be playing with Alfredsson and White. I'm curious about this because Spezza is a playmaker, but Alfredsson always wants the puck. I'd prefer to see him with Havlat when he signs. Put a defensively responsible guy on the left side (Varada or even Schaefer) and I think thats a better fit. In either case, Spezza will be playing with good players. Can't wait to watch them.
Havlat's too fast for Spezza. Alfie is fast, but his style of play picks up and slows down alternately, so he's a better linemate for Spezza. White is there to cover Spezza's ass defensively because (no offense to any Spezza lovers out there), he kind of sucks defensively. Not enough effort. I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but Spezza doesn't put out effort unless he's playing on either of the top two lines. A little maturity problem, I think.

Excellent playmaker though; great vision. Will get 60+ points is my guess. Can be selfish with the puck at times and then at other times dishes it off to no one in particular. When the effort and maturity are there, he has the ability to be a spectacular player.

White - Spezza-Alfredsson
Schastlivy-Smolinski-Havlat (when he's signed)

Those look to be the first three lines, but keep in mind that last year Jaques Martin mixed them up into really wierd combinations at times, and it didn't seem to affect their play much at all. Beats me. Personally, I'm really excited at the chance to see a healthy Schastlivy and Havlat play on the same line - explosive or what!?!