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Originally Posted by saillias View Post
I'm fully convinced that Oiler and Canuck fans have either hacked all your accounts, or infiltrated our forum to pretend to be Flames fans and post that they want Pierre McGuire to be part of Flames management. It's the only explanation.
Actually, I think most Canuck and Oiler fans are hoping you guys keep the Sutters.

But, the mess you are in reminds me of what Lowe has done to the Oilers and to a certain extent what Brian Burke did to the Canucks.

Lowe left a mess that will take another couple of years to clean up and that's admitting that they have a damned decent prospect pool and if they get a few more draft picks and manage to sign some real defensemen, then they really could have a playoff team in a couple of years..

The Canucks were left with an aging core and no prospects. Burke kept throwing 2nd and 3rd picks out the door to plug every hole in the bursting dike. What saved the Canucks from disaster was the emergence of the Sedins and Nonis trading Bert for Luongo. And still we missed the playoffs two out of the three years Nonis was here.

But Gillis managed to right the ship fairly quickly because of the Sedins and Lou...otherwise we'd have been looking at having a chance at Stamkos. We have some guys in the pipeline and a core group that is at it's peak signed for the next few years.

The Flames will have to pay the price for the decisions that have been made these last few years. If you get somebody like Nill or Fenton then I believe the Flames will emerge as contenders once again. But it's going to be painful.

As a Canuck fan, I'd love to see that rivalry once again.

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