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10-07-2003, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by THEGOON63
1st PP unit : Brewer-Bergeron
2 nd Staios-Smith
Hilarious. Some fool posted this a month ago:
Originally Posted by so this fool says
I think when the D is drawn up, it will be: Brewer+someone#1 and Smith+someone#2. I could easily be wrong, but that's what I'm thinking. If Brewer and Smith can anchor those pairings and the two somethings do fine, the Oilers might be OK.

I could see Cross being paired up with Brewer quite a bit. Cross is big. Brewer is big. That's a big pairing. Cross would play the slow, reliable D role and Brewer would be given a thumbs-up to make outlets and rush up the ice with more regularity. With Niinimaa gone, lets face it, that's what the Oilers need Brewer to be doing. Cross might be a suitable partner for this purpose, although of course Smith might be alright too if he didn't occasionally think he was Bobby Orr and go steaming up the ice too. From what I've seen, Brewer really can bring the puck up to centre and beyond and he's really a fast defenseman (seriously, I think so) and can make up a lot of ground that Cross loses. Of course top opposition will walk around Cross sometimes, but the Oilers will be living in an imperfect world.

One note about Brewer with Semenov: we know this could work OK, but who are you going to pair Cross with? Ferguson? That would be so deadly slow you might as well give up a goal immediately.
Ouch, though. Semenov on the 4th pairing?

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