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12-12-2010, 01:45 AM
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I'm really grateful that there are a few great hockey shops within 20 to 45 minutes from where I live.

I appreciate the guys that work at the local hockey shops since they are very knowledgeable, honest, customer friendly, and real.

Since none of the local hockey shops are part of a retail chain, they can really meet customer's needs since they do not have to deal with the wrath of the corporate office.

They have to put up with "customers" that are nothing but headaches; shoplifters, flea market bargain types, idiots that are flexing sticks, people leaving the dressing room a mess, guys that want their skates sharpened for free, guys that want their skates sharpened while they wait, etc...

For anyone that has not worked in retail; especially a specialty shop; they may feel that dealing with problematic customers is part of the job. I agree with that to a certain point, but a lot of problematic "customers" are people that are self centered, type a personalities that have usually left their manners at home.

Support your local hockey shop!!!

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