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12-12-2010, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Grod View Post
Where did you read that? I have a hard time believing that. 45 pound cuts? I believe he walks around the 205 mark. There have been reports of 220. But let's not get carried away here.
I don't think anyone is suggesting that he cuts 45 pounds. But when he isn't training for a fight, I don't think that Silva walking around at 220 is out of the question. Once he starts training he probably slowly loses that weight and then when it's time to actually cut he's probably down around 200ish for middleweight.

Originally Posted by Wheatking View Post
I've heard that Silva walks around at about 230 too. That's why moving "up" to light heavyweight was so easy for him. He's a huge middle weight and that's one of the main reasons why GSP would have a lot of trouble against him.

...and I can't see Dana White allowing GSP to fight Anderson Silva. It's the fight everyone wants to see but while we'd find out who the best p4p fighter is, the legend of the loser would die. I think Dana wants to protect St. Pierre. Right now the UFC has two guys that are "arguably" the best fighter in the world. That's more valuable that actually finding out who the best is.
I don't think the legend of the loser would die at all. If anything is going to kill their legend/legacy it's going to have this fight not happening imo. There is no shame if these guys fight in one of them losing (although Silva losing would probably be more detrimental to him than GSP losing). It would be the biggest fight in MMA history. How often can you put the 2 best pound for pound fighters in the world in a ring together? I'm concerned that the longer this fight doesn't happen the less likely it becomes. Sooner or later one of these guys is going to lose. We almost saw it with Anderson in his last fight.

The UFC is in a unique position to make this fight happen. The window is closing on the opportunity though.

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