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10-07-2003, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
Far fetched is right, although I'd absolutely LOVE to see my Richards in Oilers silks. Also Khabi is my second fav. Goalie to Salo now that Roy has retired (Roy was the man before) and I wouldn't be disapointed if we got him! But just because I want to have some fun with this (Yes I do, and everybody hear should completely realize that this is far fetched). What would a deal be from what he has said?
Smyth, Comrie, Salo
Khabibulin, Richards
that is an overpayment by the Oilers.

The Oilers would need something added into that, or else they could lose Smyth and offer up something else.
What about this:
Comrie, Salo, Chimera or Horcoff
Richards, Khabi

To me that would be pretty close valuewise......
Is this close and would the Oilers want to do this? I think yes.
From what the original poster was talking about, it might sound like something closer to this:

Comrie, Smyth, Salo

Richards, Khabibulin ($2 million eaten), prospect (Svitov would be a frickin COUP! I love this guy, and would be astounding on the Oilers. Huge potential [Bobby Holik-type], great shot, big and strong.. but still very raw).

However, I think that kind of trade is just too much to be considered realistic.

Also, lest we forget, Richards got a pretty fat contract. While he is pretty good, is he really that much better than Comrie? Off the top of my head, he makes $2.5, $2.5, then $4 on his third year.

All in all, I would not swap Smyth off, especially if you're only getting Khabibulin. Khabs is a good goaltender, but he has a history of letting in bad goals at bad times. To me, he just seems like a marginally better version of Salo who maybe too often lives off his past hype...he's still a good goaltender mind you, but I don't know if he'd be the answer for the Oil.

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