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12-12-2010, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by headliner View Post
With competent referees--who aren't intimidated by Wilson, Burke, Toronto crowd, whatever--how many PPs SHOULD we have had last night?

From what I've read......

First period.
1. Instigating.
2. Versteeg without a stick, holding Eller.
3. Phaneuf holding Eller's stick.
4. Missed high-stick on Subban from Grabovski.
Second period.
5. Beauchemin gets Darche in the nads.
6. Eller hooked.
7. Cammy gets can-openered.
9. Halpern taken down in front of the net.
Third period/Post Game.
9. RDS showed another missed Grabovski highstick....
10. .....and a missed Grabovski crosscheck.

If we had been awarded PPs on even 3 of those 10 missed calls (which were surely deserved) may have made a difference.


This season, Toronto has been on the short end of the PP tally only 5 times. And only ONCE has it been by more than 1 PP.

4-6, 2-3, 2-3, 1-2, 4-5.

5/29 games on the short end. 17.2%

3/29 games with even # of PPs. 10.3%

21/29 games enjoying more PPs. 72.4%

1/29 games trailing by more than 1 PP. 3.4%

So, 82.7% of the games in which the Leafs have been even or ahead in the PP tally.

Habs, on the other hand.

16/30 games on the short end. 53.3%
5/30 games even # of PPs. 16.7%
9/30 games enjoying more PPs. 30%
10/30 games trailing by more than 1 PP. 33%

46.7% of our games even or ahead. Compared to 82.7% for the Leafs.

We've been on the short end for over HALF our games.
The Leafs: only 17.2%.

Games trailing by more than 1 PP: Habs 33%. Leafs 3.4%

Are you kidding me?
I think someone needs a tissue. Bottom line, the Habs were terrible last night. I can't believe Halpern's penalty is even being discussed. He hit Gunnarson before he touched the puck. Interference. Simple. But if blaming everyone but the players on the ice makes you feel better, blow yourself up. In a tissue I mean.

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