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12-12-2010, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by ldnk View Post
They aren't necessarily trying to get the Thrashers. They want A team, not the Thrashers specifically. They went to Long Island to show that they have fans that want hockey. They went to New York because it was a building that was close to Quebec and had the attendance issues to fit that many people easily (not just to fit them, but to make their "mer de bleu" very noticeable). They showed respect to the Islanders building for having them there as they were not there to disrupt the Islanders franchise. Cheering for them, had more to do with being respectful of a host than anything else. They don't need to show that they can support someone elses team. They need to show that they support hockey and could produce the fans necessary to fill an 17-20k building on a consistent basis.

The Thrashers are in trouble, so are the Panthers, and Phoenix, and a half dozen other franchises that could conceivable move in the next 5-10 years. Before the Nordiques come back into the league they are going to have to get their arena in order as that was one of the huge limitations with Quebec City being a viable NHL city when they left for Colorado.

They did things the right way. They didn't cause a disturbance, they were good fans of the game and they made their presence known. Kudos to them and I hope they find their way back into the league some day. Adding another Canadian franchise, and one that is more likely to be economically viable (than Winnipeg) would be a good thing, plus it has a very easy rivalry with Montreal and very easily can have rivalries with the two Ontario franchises with the Quebec vs. Ontario angle.
If they wanted just "any" team, then why the signs calling for Atlanta to move? And everyone knows Phoenix is off the table and Atlanta is the only team in play. I think Quebec ought to have a team, and I applaud the Quebec fans for being well-behaved, but it would have been cooler to see "Citizen Kane for Quebec" and "I like Big Buff!" type signs. They could still be gracious guests and promote their willingness to support The Thrashers team in Quebec.

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