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Originally Posted by greyraven8 View Post
Although I am right handed, I shoot right (which is rare for those of my age [40+] in Canada I believe).

May have been taught at an early age by my dad who is left handed and shoots right.

My slap shot (if you even want to call it that) has never had much power, but am too old to change and the few times I have tried shooting left have ended in quick disaster. Part of the reason for no real slapshot may be lack of upper body strength and a stick that many would say is too long (better suited for pokechecking and the like).

In golf shoot right, baseball bat right, etc. - just in hockey I am "backwards" for a right hander.
I bat right-handed in cricket and baseball. I believe on the whole when taking into account British players there are more right handed players than left handed, which is strange, as in pretty much every pro league is the opposite, part of the problem seems to be there arnt half as many left handed sticks in shops as right handed... i dont think the average british hockey coach or player understands that a right handed person should really be a left handed hockey player. My brother plays left handed, and he has far more trouble getting sticks than I do. I doubt the problem is upper body strength, I used to play water polo for GB u-16 and weigh about 13 stone at 5'11'' (without shoes), maybe its as my right side is massively overdeveloped compared to the left, due to being right handed in almost everything, and doing so many reps in water polo a week in the way of shots. Just gona work harder on my right slapshot i think, do more reps on my left side when im training.

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