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12-12-2010, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I always make fun of the extremely long 2 way shootout scene, with the camera going from face to face...until I watched it with some people who had never seen the movie before, and realized just how tense that scene could be if you've never watched that movie before.

How was Ashbee as a defenseman? I've always wondered, and always forget to ask my relatives. The man obviously gave his all, what with the neck brace and all. Sure, I could check his stats, but defense is deeper than that.
There was a player by the name of Rick Foley who had a reputation for being out of shape, lack of desire on ice and off as it related to conditioning. Ashbee became so irate that he threatened to quit the team if Foley, among others, didn't shape up. That probably is the ideal story as it related to Ashbee's character. He didn't necessarily possess the attractive skills of others and the term stay-at-home defenseman was used many times to describe him. He wore his emotions on his sleeves but it resulted in a highly respected form.

He came up through the Bruins' organization and suffered a near career-ending back injury during one of his early games after playing some time in the AHL. He missed more than an entire season and the Bruins gave up on him essentially painted as a vet in their minor league system. Eventually, he became a Flyer at an advanced age because the team needed help on the blueline.

His style was old-school. Shotblocker, clearing out the crease, taking the man out in front, body checks. He did all that. And he developed a reputation because of it. But he was also injury-plagued and that caught up with him. The shot that ended his career, the ugly eye injury, is on YouTube.

Was he one of the four best players in team history based on retired numbers? Not even close but his life story is filled with human interest stories and that elevated him in the eyes of management.

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