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Originally Posted by sidmo001 View Post
Both the uk and france showed considerable interest in the arrow. In 1956 the uk air council submitted a request stating that the RAF Should buy 144 arrows. The French were originally interested in buying 300 iroqoius engines to fit into their miragez, however they opted out in 58 for the atar engine.

I believe that the US had a hand in changing the minds of the French and the English. Again, the US defence industry had a lot to lose in allowing a Canadian company to out design them and revolutionize the military aircraft industry, like avro was posed to do.
You are correct.

Lets not forget the fact that after the Arrow was scrapped we entered into a binding treaty with the USA that states Canada can not develop on our own any large military hardware.

We scared the crap out of them and they put the hammer down.

What was the point again to shred all the blue prints and destroy all the finished prototypes?

Since when does cutting edge leading technology just go poof?

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