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Originally Posted by sidmo001 View Post
Freely made?

Canada signed on to NORAD in '57. When Canada signed on with the Americans on NORAD, the Americans had a vested interest to make sure Canada accepted the SAGE program. The Arrow came in to direct conflict with the SAGE program because if Canada went through with production of the Arrow there would be no need for the BOMARC Nuclear-tipped missile, which was one of the primary weapon systems that made up the SAGE program.

Basically the US Defence industry had a lot to lose, money wise, if Canada didn't accept the use of the BOMARC. Plus the US Defence industry didn't want any competition north of the border.

The US had quite a bit more to do with the destruction of the Arrow than a lot of people care to believe.
You could not be more correct sir.

Lets not forget the treaty we had to sign with the states not long after the Arrows demise.

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