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Originally Posted by rimshot View Post
If there was a long line up of buyers waiting to buy the Arrow, the British firm A E Roe would have built them as long as the buyers would pay for them. The Arrow died because there were no buyers. There were no buyers because only three countries in the world(the three largest) had any possible need for a long-range patrol fighter. Obviously, any NATO country would refrain from supplying the enemy any war material. In conclusion; the Arrow died from a lack of a market not some evil American military-industrial complex conspiracy. I realize that this conspiracy theory is religion for the Canadian left but it does not stand up to scrutiny.
1. I seriously doubt that the Arrow was actually a very good aircraft.
2. Since when does military manufacturing have to have a foreign market to sell its product?
An aside: Currently if we're talking about protecting national sovereignty, buying aircraft from the very people you're really protecting your sovereignty from is equivalent to a warless defeat. The better solution to buying planes from the U.S. is to disband your air force and let the U.S. bankrupt themselves protecting your vast air space from whatever imaginary enemy. The U.S. has been invaded economically and pretty soon they will be protecting continental U.S. from an enemy who own them anyways.

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