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12-13-2010, 09:57 AM
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I have two setups, because one league I play in requires full face protection for insurance or whatever.

Almost all the time I wear a Bauer 7500. The price per features was the deciding factor for me. I really want a light weight helmet that didn't have that thick foam. It adjusts without screws and just fits me well. I use this helmet with a Bauer half-shield in Aviator cut. I like the nose being shaped like that, I feel it doesn't fog up or bother my breathing or anything. Clean it before every game and I never have had a problem. Just make sure you get the little spacers kit, it makes the visor fit much better onto the helmet.

One thing about this setup is I wear a mouthguard with it. I don't get paid to played so I like my teeth. I have one of those fancier Shock Doctor ones now because they are pretty soft on the roof of your mouth. The cheaper ones are kind of harsh.

As for the league that requires full face, I just play with a cage and my old helmet which is a trusty old really cheap Bauer 1500.

I use the ear protection pieces on both helmets.

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