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12-13-2010, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
You do not win the playoffs because of being able to shake and bake, it is the attention to details and the ability to play all three zones which matter the most. Guys who score the big goals in the playoffs are the ones who go to the net and scrap for every puck. Look at the Caps, they want to rely on outscoring the opponent, which makes for a great regular season record, but when the games come down to grind they cannot play this style and thus do not have success.
You really arent understanding at all what I'm trying to say.

I AGREE with everything you say. But the difference with the Caps is:

Philly already has a slew of players who are PO type guys who'll do well.... whereas too many Caps players are Zherdev types.

Zherdev wont do 'well' in the POs. BUT he'll pitch in a small number of very significant goals.

Why? Cuz of what you just said.

Being perceived as a not great PO guy, Zherdev will get much less ice time than the real Philly PO studs. He's only paid 2 mil a year and thus no one will feel that terrible about not giving him big ice time.

That's why Z will come thru. All the real PO studs .. on both teams ... will be exhausted. Z will be fresh.

A fresh Z is not the same as a typical 2 million dollar forward... who is also fresh and not tired cuz he has less talent.

A fresh Z is deadly cuz he CAN score a key goal.

REMEMBER the key goal and key victory Petr Klima played.

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