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12-13-2010, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
You can go into your flex and stay there all season, but SUPPOSEDLY you will get a smaller wage budget next season. I say supposedly because there has been no confirmation of this by anyone who has been playing this game for a long time.

Btw, I wouldn't go more than 4M (maybe 5 if there is noone else out there) for him. He is good, but not a game breaker, imo. Also, there will likely be a TON more FA's coming into the market either later today or tommorrow because this is the deadline to hit your budget. Computer teams especially will be stripped of their stars soon.
cheers mate.

thats what confuses me though. you say i can go in my flex AND stay there all season yet you mention there will prob be more free agents coming as people hit their budget but why would they need to hit their budget if you can go and stay in your flex???

or do you mean people that are over there flex? is this even possible?

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