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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
In a shooting competiton I would take Danny Briere over Carter. Jeff Carter is 6'3", 210lbs, making excuses for him not winning the physical battles in the corners is a joke. I cannot believe you are making an excuse for Carter not going into high traffic areas because of his stick size...?? WOW! That is a first.
Well, Briere would almost certainly pick Carter in a "shooting competition" ... so you're displaying your own bias. Seriously, look at Briere's goals: how many of them are due to his "shot" plain beating the goalies? Not many. He scores around the net and in tight due to his quickness and hands. He has an accurate shot in tight, but you rarely see Briere beating the goalie from outside because he doesn't have a particularly great shot -- he does have a decent slapper coming down the right wing, but that's a different beast.

And you "cannot believe" that argument because it's fairly obvious that you're clueless. Carter would not have success playing into high traffic areas with regularity because of his choice of stick... that's just the reality.

So Jeff Carter using his physical size over Giroux's stick size is going to not give him an advantage? That is part of knowing how to play hockey and use your body to protect the puck or create space for yourself. As I said, Carter has committed to getting in front of the net more but he should focus on being in front of the net and winning more battles along the boards.

And let's not get too far off on stick size, Giroux anticipates the play better, he has better hockey sense which puts him in postion to gain the advantage. When comparing Giroux and Carter the only clear advantage at this point is Carter on the faceoffs, but Giroux has still made a case with Laviolette who has counted on him to take some big faceoffs when needed.
You ever watch Steven Downie? Guy is a *ing beast in the corner on the puck.

Shorter stick.


Short as sin stick.

It's a conscious choice. The stick length gives you tremendous advantage in tight, whereas a long stick gives you significant disadvantage as, by necessity, you have to expose the puck to the opposition in order to carry the puck on your stick. Carter is NEVER going to be exceptional along the boards, and moving him to the area directly in front of the net nullifies the skill that separates him from other NHL players: his shot.

Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Guys need to be committed to go to the net, especially guys with size, as you pointed out his reach and stick size is compatable to being a players who can earn a paycheck around the net. It does not mean either need to be toeing the crease, but they should be playing within 10-15ft away from the net and creating screens for shots from the points or waiting for a soft spot in the zone to get a one-timer, which also means that Carter would have to develop a one-timer but I digress.

NHL goalies who see a puck from 40ft away are going to make the save every time. A team has to commit to going into the areas which are high traffic to be successful. Johnny LeClair earned a living from this, neither one of these guys are LeClair or Kerr but both have the size and ability in the 2010 wussified NHL to play the area in front of the net and be successful.
And both do play there... a lot. Which is why this argument by you is further evidence that you're an unobjective hater... and paired with your lack of understanding concerning stick length and what that means about how a player can/should play suggests you don't really know what you're talking about.

If Carter or JVR (who also uses a long stick) really tried to play in traffic the way Giroux and Briere do, they'd get stripped with regularity. In fact, JVR does try to play in traffic the way they do (he has some dangle in his game that Carter does not), and it has caused problem for him at this level because NHL defenders just take him off the puck.

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