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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Maybe, but with his size and stick size (as I'm noting with Cartsiephan in the other thread), Giroux is giving away a lot defensively.

Even strength play:

CARTER: 12.99 TOI/60 1.19 G/60 3.28 GFON/60 2.09 GAON/60 1.19 +/- ON/60
GIROUX: 12.63 TOI/60 0.77 G/60 3.06 GFON/60 2.45 GAON/60 0.61 +/- ON/60

Across the board, Carter has been the better even strength player this year statistically.

Power Play:

CARTER: 3.13 TOI/60 1.24 G/60 4.95 GFON/60
GIROUX: 3.17 TOI/60 3.66 G/60 6.72 GFON/60

Across the board, Giroux has been the better power play player this year statistically.


CARTER: 1.00 TOI/GO 0.00 GAON/60
GIROUX: 2.56 TOI/60 6.04 GAON/60

Obviously Giroux plays the bigger role here, and has some shorties to his name... we're also a mediocre PK unit, and the Giroux/Richards pairing is significantly behind the Betts/Powe pairing in killing penalties. Might be time to look into whether or not we need to change up our rotation some.

Bottom line:

As of now, Carter remains a notably better even strength player than Giroux... he's both more effective offensively and defensively. Giroux covers significant ground in special teams... so it comes down to which flavor your prefer. Carter has also been developing into a force on the dot winning draws, which is something this team desperately needed the last couple of years.

You could take this debate to the next level and say that one way or the other Carter or Giroux is going to be playing out of position. Given the choice at center I would want Giroux with the puck, but with Carters inability to be properly effective on the wing Giroux has been shofted back wide. It sucks because someone is going to be sacrificed. I see no reason why Carter should not be effective on the wing, but for whatever reason he does not fit there!!

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